"OUR WORLD OF WATER" - The book!

“Our World of Water: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Earth’s Most Critical Resource,” my 180 page book will be released October 2014.

“I'm pleased that Michael has put together this comprehensive look at this precious resource that too many of us take for granted, yet is so vital to us every day of our life. This book should open our eyes. With 2013 being the driest year on record in California, maybe more of us will place a higher value on water, and work harder to secure its availability for ourselves and others less fortunate in many places in the world.”   
--Richard E. Rominger
Deputy Secretary, U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Director (Secretary), California Department of Food and Agriculture

“Michael Cervin has distilled the vast world of water into comprehensible facts presented in a breezy and easy-to-understand way. A fascinating read about the world's most essential substance. The author uses humor, balance and insightful ideas to quench the reader's thirst for the truth. Both your brain and throat will be quenched.”  
--Arthur von Wiesenberger
Author, The Taste Of Water; Founder, BottledWaterWeb


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Our World of Water: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Earth’s Most Critical Resource looks at the incredible diversity of water in four chapters.

Chapter 1: The Good - Source of Life
~The Necessity of Water: You Are What You Drink
~Fill ‘Er Up: Minerals and Trace Elements
~The Forgotten Stewards: Water Treatment
~A World of Waters: Tasting History and Time
~Holy H20: The Spirit of Water

Chapter 2: The Bad - Source of Sickness
~Never Drink Downstream: Man Induced Problems
~Mother Nature’s Little Oops: Nature Induced Problems
~Fluid Movement: When Water Attacks

Chapter 3: The Ugly - Source of Death
~Cry Me a River: The Awful Truth
~Wars and Rumors of War: Politics and Gamesmanship
~Privatization: Public Water, Private Hands

Chapter 4: Flow
~Getting Involved: Move Like a Current

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