Bottled Waters of the World
I sample waters from across the globe, some are easy to find, have good distribution and plenty of information. Others, not so much. Presented here are bottled waters from every corner of the earth and I have provided as many details as possible.

Agana Rain Water
WHAT:  100% rainwater, oxygenated, biodegradable bottle and cap, bottled at the source
WHERE:  Buda, Texas, U.S. - Agana Rain Water
TASTING NOTES:  Clean and silky with a weight on the palate, has a deep rich flavor.

Hawaiian Springs
WHAT:  Pure Artesian well Water with a heavier calcium, magnesium and potassium, bottled at the source
WHERE:  Mauna Loa, Hawaii, U.S. - Hawaiian Spring
TASTING NOTES:  Soft and smooth on the palate, with a slightly noticeable calcium note on the back end.

Asahi Natural Mineral Water
WHAT:  The emphasis on this water is vanadium. This element is believed to be a natural blood thinner and boosts the circulatory system.
WHERE:  Mt. Fuji, Japan
TASTING NOTES:  Light and clean, there is a noticeable minimal astringency on the back palate, I assume, from the Vanadium.

Nongfu Spring Water
WHAT: First bottled in 1997, this is one of China’s top bottled spring waters.
WHERE: Qiandao Lake, China
TASTING NOTES: Clean and light, there is an almost deep earthy flavor.

Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water
WHAT: Natural springs water once used by Native Americans. First bottled in 1872.
WHERE: Adirondack Mountains, Saratoga Springs, New York. SARATOGA SPRINGS
TASTING NOTES: Medium sized carbonation, there is a slight sweet, citrus element. Finishes clean.

WHAT: Spring water collected from the Sairme Mountains, high in calcium, sodium and magnesium. Sairme means “the place where deer dwell.” a reference to two brothers who discovered the spring while hunting for deer in the 1800s. It was first bottled in 1944.
WHERE: The Minor Caucasus, Republic of Georgia. NAKADULEBI
TASTING NOTES: Soft and silky and high in calcium, you feel a slight acidity in the back palate.

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